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WiFi Networking

Whether you’re just starting out or are moving office, one of the first things you’ll need to set up at your new office is internet connectivity – WiFi.

Site survey

In setting up an expansive WiFi network, the first step is usually performing a site survey, which will help you determine the number of APs you’ll need as well as their arrangement and location.

Choosing the right WiFi equipment

Based on the results of your site survey, you need to make sure you purchase the right networking equipment for your business needs. This may mean spending extra on commercial WiFi equipment capable of managing more devices at the same time. It’s a common mistake to use a WiFi equipment meant for home use in your office building. WiFi equipment meant for home use may be cheaper, but they’re not made for connecting to more than a handful of devices, and their wireless coverage can be poor.

Don’t underestimate the importance of security

To maintain the safety of your network, you’ll need to install and configure a good firewall. Your WiFi network should always be using the latest WiFi security protocol (currently WPA2 or WPA3).

Get professional help

You may come across a WiFi problems that’s more complicated than your equipment manufacturer’s support can handle, or you may simply want professional advice when it comes to managing your wireless network setup. In situations like these, you should never be afraid to reach out to a professional IT Services company.

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