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OneDrive AI plans

OneDrive AI plans

“Microsoft has scheduled a unique OneDrive event on the 3rd of October, during which they intend to provide a “sneak peek into their AI strategies” for the cloud storage service.”

The “Future of File Management” event will be available for live streaming on Microsoft Teams, and it appears poised to showcase a revamped OneDrive interface along with fresh AI-driven search and sharing capabilities.

Microsoft’s announcement for the OneDrive event invites you to join Jeff Teper and the OneDrive product team as they unveil the upcoming evolution in file management throughout Microsoft 365. They promise to provide an early glimpse into their AI strategies, which encompass innovative search, sharing, and information retrieval capabilities across all your OneDrive files.

The OneDrive event is scheduled shortly after Microsoft’s “special event” in New York City on the 21st of September. Rumors suggest that Microsoft is gearing up to unveil three new Surface devices at this event, along with promising AI enhancements across Microsoft 365, Windows, Bing, and more. There’s speculation that some of these OneDrive changes might get a sneak peek during Microsoft’s September event, with a more comprehensive presentation during the October live stream.

OneDrive has remained relatively unchanged for years, making any potential AI features a significant improvement for searching photos and documents on the cloud storage service. Microsoft has also been actively incorporating Copilot assistants into its various applications and services, so it’s possible we may witness a dedicated Copilot for OneDrive as well.

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