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IT Support Cost?

If you’re a small or medium size business owner and have the need for IT support, you may have battled with the idea of internal or external IT Support. Your next question would be how much does IT Support actually cost?

Well the answer is that it varies on a number of things. Costs will be specific to the business at hand. As all businesses have different tech needs and requirements that cant be defined by a stand alone price. These factors being how many users are in the company? How long will it take to travel to your site? or how complex your technical requirements are?

If we had to average it out the cost to manage a server in terms of costs, could be between £70 and £200 pcm. For each desktop user it’ll cost between £20 and £90 pcm; and in the event of an emergency an hourly rate of £50 to £200 for a on-site engineer.

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