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IT Jargon Buster

Here’s a list of common IT jargon words you’ve probably already came into contact with, put into plain English.

Encrypted Vault

A safe data-storage place that uses a special code to encrypt the information held and prevent unauthorised access.


Attempting to obtain passwords or other personal data by posing as a legitimate organisation.


Phishing via sms.


A security system on a device such as a computer or router that prevents unauthorised access.


A central hub that routes the traffic from your individual computer to the network outside of your organisation, which is serving the web pages you’re trying to use. If at home, the gateway is your ISP and connects you to the internet.


A domain name system ( DNS ) is what your computer will recognise as the address of a website. The domain name you type into the URL bar in English is translated into data that the computer will understand. Your computer will then contact the server that the web address is running from, and that’s how you connect to a web page.

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