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IT Helpdesk Services

How does the IT Helpdesk service work?

Geekheads are well trained and experienced in looking after your team. We communicate in clear and plain English resulting in Quick and permanent fixes.

Helpdesk Remote Support

We’ll request permission to view and control your screen with a remote connection. Whether you need to locate a file or print one, need access restored to your email or database application, or have any other issue resolved you’ll be able to see us in action every step of the way.

Emergency On-site Support

Very occasionally some issues can only be resolved in person. One of our engineers will schedule a date and time convenient to you and your staff. If the appointment is not immediate and scheduled one or more days ahead, we’ll contact you to confirm on the day in question.

Did you know?

We provide IT Helpdesk in Pay-As-You-Go and fixed support contracts. Contact us to find out more.

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