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Internet Surfing Safely

Your browser is a gateway to the internet but also a potential target for cyber crime.

What browser should I use?

Apple’s Safari
Google’s Chrome
Microsoft’s Edge
Mozilla Firefox

All devices come preinstalled with a browser and most users tend to stick with that but there has always been alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Tor and the Brave browser. All these browsers offer similar security features and can be found vulnerable to software bugs which could be potentially hacked.

Install updates

Usually browser updates happen automatically, this is vital for security so always check to make sure you are up to date. It is a fact that many home and business users are currently using out of date browsers such as Internet Explorer long after Microsoft announced it would no longer be updating Internet Explorer.

Browser Extensions

There are many browser extensions providing many helpful features but there is always the concern of keeping them up to date since extensions can also be found vulnerable to software bugs which could be potentially hacked. Extensions are somewhat hidden addons and can access browser permissions and spy on your internet surfing.

Brave browser

What? Another browser? Yes, Brave browser is based on the Chromium open-source code used from Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge browsers. Brave browser promises even greater security than all the other browsers and users can access the Tor network by opening a private window.

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