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Improving Wi-Fi Security

Tips & Best Practices for Improving Wi-Fi Security

Hide the Wi-Fi Network

Routers and access points don’t have to broadcast the SSID. If you block your router from sending out its identifier the Wi-Fi becomes a hidden network. Those devices that already have connection data stored will still be able to connect, but passers-by won’t see it. Without knowing the name of the network, it is impossible to connect to it.

Update Firmware

Routers and access points run software called firmware which essentially controls everything they do. It sets the security standards for your Wi-Fi network and defines the rules about which devices can connect, and so on. Keeping firmware up to date means you’ve got the latest bug fixes and security patches and are protected against whatever exploits have just been discovered.


VLANs serve as a useful tool for providing security to Wi-Fi clients by isolating traffic from the different users based on which SSID they connect to. This kind of setup is very common when you want to have a guest network which is completely separate from the company’s private network.

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