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How do password managers work?

How does a password manager store your data?

What is a password manager?
A password manager is a software application which allows you to store, generate and manage all your passwords in one location. It can also store your sign-in URLs and online credentials such as usernames, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, and answers to your security questions.

How does a password manager work?
Web-based password managers store your passwords on a server—also known as “the cloud.” Unlike locally installed password managers, you can access and sync your data from different machines and devices as long as you have an internet connection, making it the most popular type of password manager. Your data is encrypted on your device before it hits the servers, so you know it’s safe and secure. Like locally installed password managers, web-based ones are also accessed using a master password.

Are password managers actually safe?
Password managers are incredibly safe to use for storing your data. Many of the most popular ones use “zero knowledge” encryption, which prevents the provider of the password manager from being able to access your data despite it being stored in the password manager itself.

To ensure the greatest level of security, password managers use military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Many also offer two-factor authentication as an added layer of security in case someone ever happened to discover your master password.

In order for a hacker to get into your password manager account, they would have to break through all three layers of security: the encrypted data, the master password and the security key. It would be extremely difficult, if not near impossible, for even the most skilled hacker to be able to crack all three.

Lastly, password managers help you generate strong passwords using varied combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and characters. This ensures all of your passwords are unique and very difficult to guess.

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