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Enable Router Firewall

How to enable your wireless router’s built-in firewall?

About firewalls
A firewall polices your network, it can be used to prevent traffic from entering or leaving your network. There are several different types of firewalls, both hardware and software-based. Operating systems often feature a software-based firewall, while the firewall in your router is hardware-based.

Check your router for a built-in firewall
To find out if your router has a built-in firewall, open a browser window and log in to your router’s admin console by typing in the router’s IP address. Some standard admin interface addresses used by some common wireless routers are,, – Consult your specific router’s manual for the correct address. After you log in to your router’s admin console, look for a configuration page labeled Security or Firewall.

Enable and configure your router’s built-in firewall
1. Access your router’s configuration page.
2. Locate an entry labeled Firewall, SPI Firewall, or something similar.
3. Select Enable.
4. Select Save and then Apply.
5. After you select Apply, your router will likely state that it is going to reboot to apply the settings.
6. Configure your firewall by adding firewall rules and access control lists that meet your connectivity and security needs.

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