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Email Fraud Prevention

Save time by eliminating worry and the need for manual email fraud scanning, hello MailSentry Fraud Prevention.

Why MailSentry?

The MailSentry Fraud Prevention technology automatically flags down emails that contain something suspicious and lets you know what the problem with them is. All these cues that something could be wrong are then monitored in real time by a specialist fraud detection team. Whenever something needs to be investigated more closely, you will be alerted before the attackers can achieve their goal.

Why Hackers Are Attempting BEC Attacks More Often?

Cybercriminals are masters of evasion and disguise tactics and time has shown that attacks based on the human factor (social engineering attacks) are the most successful. Why exhaust all technical means of breaking barriers when you can simply fool the people on the inside to let you in? It’s a tactic as old as time.

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