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Augmented Reality

Now that Pokemon Go exploded and turned into a worldwide phenomenon, we start to realise the new threats brought by augmented reality games.

The technology is amazing, without a doubt, but game creators and authorities must now address a whole new set of issues.

First of all, the physical side of the issue. We’ve all heard about cases of people who were hurt, mugged or even killed themselves, just because they were too caught up in the augmented reality and weren’t paying attention to the real world.

And then there are the cyber security and privacy issues born from the melding with the real world: the images and audio registered by our smartphone, location tracking, and all the rest of the information that we willingly give away about ourselves.

The Future of Augmented Reality and Cybersecurity

The potential uses for augmented reality continue to grow, spreading from education and gaming into the world of cybersecurity.

Dr. Josiah Dykstra, a team technical director at the National Security Agency’s Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences, leads an initiative to develop a prototype of an augmented-reality system that helps security professionals.

“Cybersecurity workers in an operations center have a high cognitive workload, where information comes at them very fast and changes quickly,” Dykstra says. “Our idea is, how can we help them manage this stress and help them with the mental demands of their work?”

Dykstra and his team envision an augmented-reality application that could assist in task processing. An employee could wear an augmented-reality device, such as Google Glass, and be presented with the most pertinent cybersecurity alerts and information immediately. It would help employees, who typically monitor several applications at once, to stay on top of the biggest threats.

Unlike virtual reality, where a user is immersed in a simulation, augmented reality adds data on top of the user’s real-world vision. While the idea of augmented reality dates back more than 50 years, it has gotten more attention in recent years because of the well-publicized release of Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens.

Source: FedTech

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