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My account was hacked

My account was hacked. Now what?

These are the critical steps you should take if you discover that one of the services you use was hacked:

1. First of all, this is not a good time to panic. Take a deep breath and keep your calm.
The opposite, not caring, nor taking any measures, isn’t an option either.

2. Log into the account of the service that was hacked as soon as you find out about the breach.
If you can’t access your account anymore, reset the password via email.

3. Change the password for that service. Use a strong, unique password.
You can use a password generator, such as Norton Identity Safe Password Generator, in order to create strong passwords.

4. If available, activate two-factor (or more) authentication.
This will add an extra layer of security, using your mobile phone. It works as a secondary authentication method, besides your password.

5. Change the password to your email or any other linked accounts.
As soon as you find out about the breach, change the password for the email you used to create the account for the service that got hacked.

6. Do a quick check-up of your computer’s security, make sure it’s clean.
Install a good antivirus and run a deep scan. Keep your software up to date and uninstall old software apps you don’t use anymore.

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