IT Hardware Leasing

Apple Mac & Windows PC Leasing
Mac Repairs

Flexible Leasing

Affordable IT with Guaranteed ownership. Free to upgrade hardware.

Team Leasing

This subscription is aimed at businesses only with multiple devices.

Rental Leasing

Straight-up hassel-free device rental.

After-Sales Support

With 3-year warranties, qualified tech support teams on call.


We have broad access to UK finance markets to secure you the best deal.

IT Recycling

Recycling redundant IT equipment is disposed of in an ethical, safe and secure way.

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Leasing IT equipment and paying monthly improves cash flow and allows you to upgrade your hardware when you want.

Buying computers has always been the way of acquiring tech for your business. The high upfront cost of computers aligned with new technology results in a frustrated workforce using quickly outdated equipment and a cupboard of old computers you can’t even sell.

There is another way, IT Hardware Leasing exactly what you need. With Geekheads, lease all the latest Apple Macs, Surface laptops or any IT hardware imaginable. Agree on a pay monthly subscription for any of these & do it without a deposit.