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Reduce IT Support Costs

Reduce your IT Support Costs & Get great IT Support from Geekheads.

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We have established a strong reputation for providing a great service to numerous businesses across London and Essex. Our success is attributable to a firm commitment to quality of service and customer care.

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to provide a range of services that will add value to your business – increasing productivity and reducing operational costs through the introduction of clever technologies and providing pro-active technical support.

Above all we want to be part of your Business Team and help your business grow whilst keeping IT in budget.

Our Pay-as-you-go IT support service is ideal for businesses that require professional IT support but are working within budgetary constraints.

Available 24/7, we guarantee fast, effective resolutions to all of your network, hardware, server and software issues. There’s no minimum contracts, no pre-purchasing requirements, and no block booking, just efficient service at fixed hourly rates.

Whether you’re a small business looking to keep your IT support costs low, or a large-scale enterprise in need of extra manpower to complete a IT project, our Ad Hoc IT support provides the perfect solution.

If you’re a small or medium size business owner and have the need for IT support, you may have battled with the idea of internal or external IT Support. Your next question would be how much does IT Support actually cost?

Well the answer is that it varies on a number of things. Costs will be specific to the business at hand. As all businesses have different tech needs and requirements that cant be defined by a stand alone price. These factors being how many users are in the company? How long will it take to travel to your site? or how complex your technical requirements are?

If we had to average it out the cost to manage a server in terms of costs, could be between £70 and £200 pcm. For each desktop user it’ll cost between £20 and £90 pcm; and in the event of an emergency an hourly rate of £50 to £200 for a on-site engineer.

To discuss how we can take away the headache of IT support for your business, book a call with one of our consultants.

Geekheads managed IT support in London provide support for Windows and Mac networks. We provide excellent reactive IT support and proactive IT support through our IT management services.

A team of experienced technicians constantly monitor, update and maintain IT systems to ensure maximum business productivity and IT security. Our IT Support and knowledge provide full peace of mind from an IT point of view, allowing your business and staff to focus on core activities.